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Testimonials | Teacher Tish
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Recommendations from education professionals

Here are recommendations and reviews from various professionals:

Barbara Sealy, Class Teacher, St Winifred’s School, Barbados
‘Tish promoted a warm relationship with the children while maintaining discipline in the classroom…a competent teacher and cooperative and cheerful colleague’
Signe Watson, Class teacher, St Winifred’s School, Barbados
‘The Children loved Miss Streetly. She was firm, yet calm and gentle. She is a well organised and a dedicated teacher’
Anna Kelly, Principal, Peter Pan Nursery, Barbados
‘I found Tish to be kind and firm. She really enjoyed teaching the children and they responded very well to her… I have no hesitation in recommending her’
Sandie Shearn, Principal, First Steps, Barbados
‘Tish worked for me at First Steps Montessori School as an Assistant teacher. She proved to be a conscientious, trustworthy addition to my team, completing her duties thoroughly and efficiently. I would gladly recommend her’
Andrew Hook, Director, Providence Elementary School, Barbados
‘Miss Streetly had a good rapport with her students, was punctual and got along well with the other staff members’
Julia Hanschell, Administrator, The Learning For Life Partnership, Barbados
‘Miss Streetly was accurate in her analysis of the issues impeding the progress of her pupils and was therefore able to successfully help them to develop both the skills and confidence required to achieve reading fluency and comprehension. She was competent, compassionate, punctual and professional at all times’
Marisa Deniya, Dep. Head
‘We have enjoyed having Miss Streetly as a part of our team at McCaffrey’s School (London); she has been punctual, neatly presented and very popular with the children she teaches’
Catherine Stark, Principal, Ringrose School, Pimlico, London
‘Tish is very comfortable with young children and has a gentle and caring manner towards them. She likes them to have fun and be uninhibited but is fully able to provide discipline when it is required. She is very good at one to one situations in school and is well liked by both children and staff’
Julee Barnacle, Head Teacher, Jumbo Montessori Nursery School, London
‘Tish has shown herself to be very patient, caring and understanding towards children in the nursery. She is able to maintain an organised and structured environment in which the children can work confidently and happily. Tish is very easy-going and has a good relationship with the other members of staff’

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