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Success Stories | Teacher Tish
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Success Stories

Parental feedback about my teaching

Here are stories and recommendations of my teaching from various parents:

Kofi: Update (from Teacher Tish):

 I’m very pleased to report that in December when Kofi came for his last lesson before Christmas, he told me that he had just come FIRST IN CLASS!!! After gradually moving up in class, Kofi is now beginning to reach his full potential, excelling in school and much more confident! His Mum is very proud and pleased.

 From Kofi’s Mum:

Kofi started with Teacher Tish  aged 6. He had been afflicted with blocked ears & as a result was one year behind in his language concepts & speech. He was not doing well at school.

I found out about Aunty Tish through another parent whose son was having lessons with her & was doing very well at school.

When Kofi started with Aunty Tish he was a struggling, unsettled & frustrated student who clearly needed her help. Aunty Tish assessed Kofi & recognized that he would need a lot of work.
With help from Aunty Tish, Kofi has gone from a 66% average and 17th in class to a 79% average and 2nd in class! Needless to say, Kofi is a much more confident, happy & settled student. His teacher is shocked by the transformation & has told me that she has to find extra things for Kofi to do in class as he is usually the first to finish his classwork!

I find that the feedback & advice given from Tish after each lesson is thoughtful, informative and helpful. I am very pleased with Kofi’s progress & will continue to recommend her excellent service.

Yours sincerely, Shelley
(Kofi’s Mother)


Julian has been going to Aunty Tish for over a year and we have seen a big improvement in his work. When Julian started seeing Aunty Tish his writing & reading skills were very weak. Because of Aunty Tish his social skills, spelling, maths & reading have all improved.

In his last report he got A’s and B’s and we are very proud of him. We would recommend Aunty Tish to anyone whose child needs a helping hand with school work. We are very happy with Julian’s progress under her tuition.


My son Kareem started with Aunty Tish when he was 5 years old. It was becoming apparent that he was having trouble with reading, writing & phonics. I contacted Aunty Tish and she did an assessment with Kareem.

Since starting with Aunty Tish I have seen a marked improvement in his work & attitude. This has been reflected in his reports from school. In his last report Kareem came 4th out of 26 children. Aunty TIsh has really helped Kareem reach his true potential. I highly recommend her as an extra lessons teacher.

Zyana has really progressed with Aunty Tish. We have seen much improvement in her work. She is much more confident and is now doing well at school.

This was reflected in her last school report where Zyana achieved A’s and A+’s throughout. I would highly recommend Aunty Tish’s teaching services to any parent. We are very pleased with how Zyana has blossomed.

Thank you Aunty Tish!

When my son Drew was seven I took him to private lessons in reading and writing by Aunty Tish (as we now call her, out of the greatest respect). I saw an advertisement about her lessons online and called since my son really needed help. He had great challenges reading and understanding, expressing himself and writing which was frustrating for him and for us, his family.

After a short while with Aunty Tish she noticed that he was having some challenges with his learning and brought this to my immediate attention. Working with her, we started applying certain techniques to assist my son. She also recommended changes at school which proved to be critical for his development.

Meanwhile, she also sent me contact information for persons or institutions she felt could further assist Drew with the training and guidance he needed to advance in his studies. She was so caring and helpful, for my son’s overall well-being was her utmost concern.

Eventually, I had him tested and found out that he had some dyslexic tendencies. Drew’s challenges all made sense to me only after obtaining these results and looking at the various methods used by Aunty Tish. In order to enhance his reading and writing abilities a different more interactive, repetitive and visually appealing approach to learning had to be applied. This I could not see before his lessons with Aunty Tish.

The reiteration of the fundamentals in grammar and creative writing were indeed effective. Aunty Tish was able to teach my son in a simple but effective way always with a smile, gaining his trust and motivating him to want to do better. She was really consistent, optimistic and most of all very, very patient.

My son spent three years under her care and attention after which he was able to write legibly, read confidently and better express himself verbally and through creative writing. He then moved on to advanced lessons in preparation for his Common Entrance Examinations.

To date I still practice her methods including encouraging reading, writing creative sentences and passages, practising letter formation and most of all patience.Aunty Tish has gained our esteem and respect forever.

Adanna (Parent)

Tish is a fantastic private lesson teacher. My seven year old daughter had stated emphatically that she liked neither school nor reading. However, Tish’s method of teaching combines fun and learning in a very non-intimidating way.

Ava now looks forward to lessons and also is eager to complete her homework assignments. She has soared from the bottom of the class to holding her own among the five smartest in a matter of months. I highly recommend her classes. Thanks Tish.



Teacher Tish’s Tell Barbados advertisement just called out to me! I contacted her and so it began. My daughter Alyssa went to Auntie Tish from age 4 to 6, because of my vision to see her reading on her own by age 5.

Alyssa started with reading, comprehension composition and mathematics.With the help of Tish and her teaching style, my vision was realised and my daughter continues to excel up to today. She is now aged 9. With hard work and family support she has received awards from Nursery to the current year for best student in class as well as coming first each year.

Auntie Tish’s one-on-one style of teaching is definitely worth it to give your child the best help available. I also now have a 2 year old who will travel the same path and is next in line for Auntie Tish.

My daughter has been attending extra lessons with Tish, after her second term report noted that she had difficulty in several areas. In five months, there has been great improvement in her work.

By the end of the third term she had made tremendous progress. Her grades had improved greatly and the teacher remarked on her progress in such a short space of time. I had not told the teacher that she was attending lessons and I was very happy with the results.

Tish has also used different teaching methods in order to help her grasp difficult areas and my daughter insists that we use them when we do homework.

I would recommend these extra lessons for students in public schools who are having difficulty in the classroom and are not being assisted adequately, as these lessons will help your child achieve their full potential. I am a satisfied parent!

My son has been having one hour sessions twice a week with Tish for the past school year. At the start of the year, my son was experiencing challenges in class and needed help completing work on his own and copying from the board. He gave up very easily because he lacked confidence.

With Tish giving him one on one attention and regular help in weak areas identified by his class teacher, my son was able to build his confidence. Tish helped him with writing the alphabet, recognizing capital letters, numbers, copying from the board, reading and spelling words. There was always time at the end of each session for puzzles and creative playing.

I have always found Tish to be very professional in her work. After every session we would briefly discuss my son’s progress. At the end of the school year, he received the ‘most improved student’ award in his class, you can just imagine how rewarding that was for me. My son had achieved so much that year he was able to keep up with the class and finish work on his own.

He was full of confidence and ready to be promoted to a new class without reservation. I owe a lot of his achievement to Tish’s time and effort. She also worked with my son over summer and this helped him greatly in his new class. I will continue working with Tish and I recommend her to anyone whose 4 to 8 year old son or daughter may be having similar challenges at school.

Julie (Parent)

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